Red-Lored Amazon Parrot: Bird Species Profile

Red-lored Amazon parrots are actually enchanting and excellent birds treasured for their beauty and also intelligence. One of the absolute most well-liked dog parrots, they have absurd personalities, as well as many have an incredible speaking capacity, which contributes to their charm. This varieties is known for having a rowdy touch or even trained properly, therefore anticipate being a disciplinarian with this bird.

Species Overview
TYPICAL NAMES: Scarlet-lored Amazon, Red-fronted Amazon, Golden-cheeked Amazon

TAXONOMIC NAME: Amazona autumnalis along with three subspecies: Salvini Amazon (A.a. salvini), diademed Amazon (Amazona autumnalis diadema), lilacine or even Ecuadorian red-lored (A.a. lilacina).

GROWNUP SIZE: thirteen to 14 inches.

LONGEVITY: Up to 80 years.

Origin and History.

The red-lored Amazon parrot is actually belonging to Mexico, Central America, as well as South America. Their main range is coming from far eastern Mexico to Ecuador, though there are actually a few flocks in main Brazil.

They appreciate nesting in tree cavities of the tropical woodlands as well as tend to stay in tiny flocks. In some regions, individual advancement as well as holding for the pet profession have risked these Amazons.

This varieties was first kept in mind in 1758 by Swedish zoologist Carl Linnaeus, producer of the present day taxonomy system. There are a handful of subspecies of the red-lored Amazon parrot, which appear the same with differences in size.


Red-lored Amazons are actually smart, appealing birds that just like to become with their owners in addition to other birds. They bond swiftly to human relative, and some often tend to choose their beloved individuals and come to be dedicated, one-person birds.

These birds are extremely gifted talkers as well as vocalists. Amazons, typically, are actually somewhat vocal birds that delight in engaging with you vocally. Prospective managers need to also be aware that all Amazons can easily yell and also usually perform. If you embrace one, count on a 10-minute wake-up call at dawn and also dusk on a daily basis.

Like lots of parrots, these birds could be aggressive as well as bite otherwise correctly trained. They are actually understood for possessing a mischievous streak and may use their beaks to “discipline” their caretakers. Guard against them chewing up electric cords (a significant hazard) as well as other factors around your home.

Speech and also Vocalizations.

Like many Amazon parrots, red-lored Amazons have a prominent potential to copy individual speech. They pretend like they are actually speaking or that they are a part of your conversation. It might sound like absurd mumbling, yet it is enjoyable to listen closely to. They might cultivate a little vocabulary of words. These pick words may be actually distinct and crystal clear. They can replicate laughing, beeps, and also alarm systems, which are often the initial thing they discover and also regular.

Red-Lored Amazon Colors and also Markings.

The red-lored Amazon has mainly vibrant environment-friendly feathers. It flaunts bright patches of red on its own temple, which is actually where it obtains its own name. There are actually additionally contacts of reddish on the airfoils, and some birds possess orange or yellowish on their jowls. They have horn-colored beaks with flesh-colored feet and dark ideas as well as legs.

Red-lored Amazons are actually a monomorphic varieties, a lavish way of saying that the women as well as guys counterpart. If you appear closely at their eyes, guys have gold irises, and also females possess brown ones. Also after that, it is actually hard to say to the 2 sexes apart without a DNA sexing examination.

Taking care of the Red-Lored Amazon.

At a lowest, a crate for a red-lored Amazon must be actually three-foot square. Participate in health and fitness centers may supply a haven for your Amazon where it can easily be actually away from its own cage and also viewed as a safe and secure perch.

Red-lored Amazons have a credibility and reputation for being noisy. If they are delicate to loud sounds or have near neighbors, possible owners must maintain this in mind. While training can easily help suppress unfavorable vocalizations, you can assume to deal with some shouting.

Common Health Problems.

Amazon.coms are prone to bacterial, popular, and also fungus diseases like psittacosis and aspergillosis. Birds that perform certainly not receive enough psychological excitement and also exercise are actually prone to the self-mutilating habits of plume plucking. If not fed a well-thought-out diet, red-lored Amazons have a past of establishing fatty liver health condition. Indicators of this particular health condition feature a distended boob or even stomach, sleepiness, anorexia nervosa, problem breathing, and also looseness of the bowels.

Diet plan and also Nutrition.

In the wild, red-lored Amazons eat seeds, fruit, berries, nuts, eco-friendlies, blossoms and weeds. An Amazon’s diet ought to consist predominantly of high quality pellets and the occasional well-balanced seed like flax seed, milk thistle seed, or hemp cardiovascular systems.

A supplement of leafy eco-friendlies, root vegetables, periodic grains, and also almond handles are going to fill out a balanced diet plan for an Amazon. To quicken your food preparation opportunity as well as save some money, prep a sizable batch of a supplemental blend of grains and also veggies or even “chop.”.

Meals shouldn’t be left to hang around in your bird’s crate. Any new foods or squishes that you put in your Amazon’s crate should be taken away when feeding opportunity is actually over.


Amazons are actually energetic parrots. Provide Amazon parrots lots of playthings, including ladders to climb, ropes, and also swings to branch on.

These birds need strong toys to hold as well as nibble. Chomping on wooden and also natural leather playthings is an electrical outlet for their inclination of excavating for caterpillars in rotting wood as properly as drawing on skin strips to consume or extending a nest opening.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Red-Lored Amazon.

Breeders sell red-lored Amazons in the selection of $1,000 to $3,000. Rescues, adopting organizations, and also dog breeders where you can easily discover red-lored Amazon parrots feature:.

  • Take on a Pet.
  • Bird Breeders.
  • Burge Bird Rescue.

Red-lored Amazon parrots are actually charming and impressive birds prized for their charm as well as cleverness. Amazon.coms, in standard, are rather voice birds that enjoy communicating with you verbally. Like many Amazon parrots, red-lored Amazons possess a distinguished capacity to imitate human speech. At a minimum required, a cage for a red-lored Amazon need to be actually three-foot square. Rescues, adoption institutions, as well as dog breeders where you can easily locate red-lored Amazon parrots feature:.