White-Fronted (White-Browed)

The white-fronted Amazon parrot, although medium-sized for a parrot, is the smallest of the Amazon types. Even with its smaller sized dimension, this bird possesses a huge, assertive individuality. Also in the wild, it often moves toward people. In bondage, this spirited, helpful bird often tends to create close connections along with a single person. This Amazon is preferred through bird fanatics for its measurements, individual, vibrant tuft, and also fantastic talking capability– alongside its family member affordability.

Types Overview
COMMON NAMES: White-fronted Amazon parrot, white-browed Amazon parrot, spectacled amazon.com parrot

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Amazona albifrons subsp.

ADULT SIZE: A smaller Amazon types, white-fronted Amazons normally hit simply approximately 10 inches in duration.

EXPECTATION OF LIFE: 50-plus years in bondage.

Beginning and History.

White-fronted Amazon parrots’ indigenous assortment extends from Mexico to western side Costa Rica, along with Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and also Puerto Rico. Their liked environment is brushy grasslands and also exotic deciduous woodlands. They might live in sets or little flocks of 20 to 30 birds.

The bird was first explained and also classified in 1788 by Swedish naturalist Anders Sparrman. Its own varieties are prolific in the wild.


Intelligent and attractive, a white-fronted Amazon parrot may be a fascinating pet dog for the owner it bonds to. It may be shy around others, its own affection of interactive play along with its own proprietor may be actually a joy for others to witness.

White-fronted Amazons are not properly matched as pets for households with children but might be wonderful for a solitary manager. They bond definitely with their owners, but some often tend to come to be “one-person birds.” It is best to interact them at a young age, or they might end up being secluded as well as testy as they age. They are an excellent selection for proprietors that possess plenty of leisure to devote with their bird.

Like lots of Amazon varieties, some white-fronted Amazons some might look at a hormonal bluffing phase as they reach out to maturity. While hand-fed Amazon parrots normally create loving, tender pet dogs, the bluffing stage might switch birds threatening throughout teenage years (age 4 months to 1 year), and also some managers can not manage it. While the period performs pass, it may sometimes last approximately 2 years. For this reason, this bird is best satisfied for those who have expertise keeping channel- to large-sized birds.

Speech as well as Vocalizations.

Along with being actually a terrific copy and also talker, the white-fronted Amazon parrot has a variety of vocalisms: screeching, howling audios, noisy, unpleasant trills as well as notes, and also various other brief, vigorous noises. Because it is actually a loud bird, it is certainly not satisfied for flat or even apartment living with near neighbors.

White-Fronted Amazon Parrot Colors and also Markings.

White-fronted Amazons are actually predominantly green along with mends of blue and also white colored on their foreheads. They have sporadic patches of light blue on their tummies and chests, and their wings have rich blue and red sides.

The minimal white-fronted is a little smaller and darker in shade, while the Sonora white-fronted has additional greenish-blue on top of the chief.

Unlike a lot of various other Amazon parrots, you may creatively distinguish between males as well as women of the species. The female lacks the red edge on its own airfoils.

Taking Care Of White-Fronted Amazon Parrots.

Amazon parrots prosper on social communication, and also they need it to stay satisfied and healthy. Disregarded birds usually fall into detrimental actions designs and depression, which may manifest itself in numerous physical as well as emotional problems.

Allocate time each day for personalized interaction with the bird, which will certainly set up as well as keep a healthy and balanced bond.

Potential managers should bear in mind that if they embrace a white-fronted Amazon, they are actually bring in a long-term devotion. These birds can easily reside much more than 60 years if properly maintained, thus caring for one is actually not a devotion to be taken lightly.

Make sure your white-fronted Amazon parrot has a roomy cage. Many specialists advise a crate along with at the very least a 2-foot by 3-foot impact as well as an elevation of 3 to 5 feets. The crate ought to have enough play tools inside, including going up devices like ladders as well as ropes; these are acrobatic birds.

This is a robust bird that can possibly do well in secured outdoor bird sanctuaries. White-fronted Amazons accept a wide variety of temperature levels, however ensure to maintain your bird guarded from winds. Wash your parrot frequently with cozy water to maintain their plumes tidy as well as damp.

Common Health Problems.

White-fronted Amazon parrots could be susceptible to digestive infections while they are adapting to a new environment but are very durable after that. Some popular ailments they are vulnerable to include:.

Diet plan and Nutrition.

In bush, white-fronted parrots consume typically fruits, berries, almonds, seeds and vegetations, corn, and also some protein.

Like all Amazon parrots, white-fronted Amazons maintained as dogs perform best on a high-grade pelleted diet regimen, enhanced with seed mix as well as day-to-day portions of clean bird-safe fruits and veggies. Feed about 1/3 to 1/2 cup of pelleted food items as well as 1/3 to 1/2 mug of new vegetables and fruits daily. A raw as well as varied diet regimen is going to assist guarantee that your bird preserves top nourishment.


Amazon parrots are prone to extreme body weight increase, so they need to be actually permitted space to exercise each day. If you desire a white-fronted Amazon, you need to manage to provide it a lowest of 3 to 4 hours away from its cage each day. This activity will definitely make it possible for the bird to burn off excess fats as well as stretch its muscles as well as wings, as well as to give it with important mental stimulation.

These birds are also extreme chewers and will require a lot of playthings to chew on as well as enjoy with. Even offering the bird along with divisions and also branches might assist carry the chewing inclination as well as spare your furnishings coming from harm.

Where to Adopt or even Buy a White-Fronted Amazon Parrot.

Just before buying a white-fronted Amazon from a bird store or dog breeders, check creature homes and also rescue organizations. They may cost coming from $1,000 to $3,000 from a dog breeder. On the web resources can easily point you in the correct path of dog breeders or even saves:.

  • Bird Breeders.
  • Hookbills up for sale.
  • Embrace a Pet.

If getting with a breeder, ensure you question them, examine the standard health and wellness of their birds, look into their lifestyle conditions, as well as consult with past consumers. Indications you should prevent the breeder consist of confined living conditions, inactive birds, and also dog breeders that prevent your concerns or perform not appear to possess a lot information on their birds.

The white-fronted Amazon parrot, although medium-sized for a parrot, is actually the smallest of the Amazon types. While hand-fed Amazon parrots generally help make nurturing, tender family pets, the bluffing phase might transform birds aggressive throughout adolescence (grow older 4 months to 1 year), as well as some owners can’t handle it.

White-fronted Amazons tolerate a broad range of temps, but produce certain to maintain your bird safeguarded from winds. Like all Amazon parrots, white-fronted Amazons maintained as animals perform best on a top quality pelleted diet plan, supplemented with seed mix as well as day-to-day servings of new bird-safe fruit products as well as vegetables. Before purchasing a white-fronted Amazon from a bird retail store or dog breeders, examination creature sanctuaries and also saving associations.

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